Check out Daddy howling with me!


Every time Daddy and Mommy come home, I show them my appreciation~!

This is me, waiting for my dinner to be prepared..

Daddy came home from work today and found my present for him.. He was so shocked and surprised that he took a picture!! I took extra pains to make sure it was displayed neatly for him you know!

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Menage trois!

I got my first kiss today.. in front of so many people at Pawtobello! *blush*

Here are the pics!

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Late lunch at Pawtobello

Daddy wanted to bring me someplace special for a Saturday afternoon out!

And with anan-jiejie’s invitation, we went to Pawtobello – an uber dog-friendly cafe which allows pawed fellows like me a place to run free and eat great food!! There’s good food for the humans too!

Check out Daddy’s review!

Late Lunch @ Pawtobello

Check it out!

Ambience: 4/5
Cosy cottage setting. A bit squeezy but overall is comfortable. Can’t really hear the music from all the yapping of the puppies (but for some, that’s music to their ears). There is a front area with sofa setting, followed by the bar counter and retail shelves, ending with a back area.

Food: 3/5
The food was palatable. The calamari tasted like calamari. The lamb steaks tasted like – well, mutton. Mashed potatoes tasted a bit off, and the seasoning for the grilled meats was not done quite as we would have expected it to. A must-try is their brownie with ice-cream dessert. Picture not available as I was too busy eating and keeping an eye on Jamie.

Service: 5/5
Service was very prompt, polite and impressive. The floor staff are on the constant lookout for “accidents” that may occur and paper towels, along with detergent and deodorisers, whip out almost within minutes of the accidents. Great work!

Woof Rating: 5/5
Dogs are allowed to roam freely – which is a first I have seen in all establishments so far. However, this causes a bit of a space problem as they then to squeeze in and out from underneath the furniture and making navigation a precarious task. Leash hooks are readily available which makes it easier to leash up the dog, but peace to enjoy the meal will depend entirely on the mood of the pooch. A dog-specific food and beverage menu is available, ranging from chicken, to meatloaf (called muttloaf), and to fish, making it easy to keep the furkids occupied. 

Price: 3/5
Prices are alright given the uniqueness and the high quality of service. But I would not want to pay another $16 for them mutton chops again.

Overall: 80%
Excellent experience. Great staff. Good concept. But have to remember that advanced booking is recommended due to the high popularity of the location.

Daddy went to collect his new set of lenses at Bukit Timah this evening. While he was going about his business, Mommy brought me for a walk around the open field next to the carpark where I saw the most wonderful flying lights ever! When Daddy was done, he wanted to have dinner at Al Ameen, as Goobii and Skye were there before without complaints. However, this time around, the staff were not so accomodating and Daddy had to decide on someplace else to eat.

 We drove back to Thomson and as Daddy & Mommy were about to give up hope, Mommy spotted open air seating at the new Miss Clarity Cafe along Thomson Road and Daddy decided we should give it a shot. And it was worth it! The staff not only did not complain to them about me, but I got to meet two new human friends in the process!

Here’s Daddy’s review:
Ambience: 4/5
Open-air dining in front of the shop facing the road. The decor set the mood really. Makes the whole place look very warm and inviting on the inside.. and hot pink on the outside. Comfortable setting.

Food: 4/5
I had Old MacDonald Had A Farm – which is basically 1 lambchop + 1 small side of beef + 1 breaded chicken fillet + 1 slice of ham + 1 chipolata sausage + 1 pork chop on a bed of potato wedges and topped with an egg. Super filling! She had a Paella of Pork Combo – which is a baked risotto dish with pork sausages, pork rind and bacon, topped with green peppers. We also ordered chicken nuggets (9 pcs for $5) and upgraded our main courses to set meals for an additional $3 per person – which adds on an appetizer of soup or salad, a drink and a dessert of the day. The dessert of the day was bread pudding. Nice!

Service: 3.5/5
Service was polite, and courteous. But a bit slow, probably due to the large crowd. But it was ok for us. We had our own personal water jug which is unique to this place. Refills are an arm’s length away!

Woof Rating: 3.5/5
No one complained about Jamie being outside and the staff were alright with us putting him on the chair (with newspaper and leash). So it’s alright to bring your pooches along so long as they are not a nuisance (which I believe all of our pooches never are).

Price: 4.5/5
Good food at a reasonable price. My main course set me back $16 whilst the entire dinner bill came up to less than $40. They accept only cash and NETS payment. So be prepared with cash on hand or your ATM card.

Overall: 78%
Good experience, would not mind to go again, provided their outside seating is available.

And here are the pictures from that meal!
Miss Clarity Cafe