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Three years ago..

.. on this very day, I was whelped!!

Yes! It’s my barkday! I am now 3 years old!

This is my first barkday with my new parents and they were super excited as well. Daddy went all the way to Turf City to get me a sweet strawberry barkday cake and made reservations for us at Pawtobello. Mommy decked me out in my favourite white bow-tie just for the occassion, and Mitchell was in his Sunday best too! Daddy and Mommy also invited Uncle Carlson, Aunty Karen and Muffin kor-kor to join us in my littlest barkday celebration. So happy!

Here are some cool photos which Daddy took at Pawtobello! Enjoy!

My barkday cake! Strawberry flavoured!


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Today is another milestone in my life with my Daddy and Mommy – they have adopted a new di-di for me (well, not entirely for me *blush*)!!

His name is Mitch, and Daddy and Mommy┬ádecided to rename him as Mitchell! He’s a salt & pepper miniature schnauzer – YES! The very same breed as me~! A true blue canine di-di!! Can you believe that?!

Anyway, earlier this evening, Daddy and Mommy came home and brought me to Serangoon North. I was like, oh no.. not another visit to Mt Pleasant?!

But lo and behold, we drove right past Mt Pleasant and parked an a nondescript block. I was getting very excited at this time. Where are we going? Who are we meeting? I had NO idea whatsoever and Daddy was keeping Mommy in suspense as well.

We climbed three floors up and came to this nice little flat and I saw HIM! Another MS! Woohoo! Mommy was carrying me but I was struggling for all I was worth, let me go~! I wanna go say Hi!

Mitchell brought us into the kitchen and we played around the kitchen like mad puppies for 90 minutes and just as I was getting a little tired, Daddy and Mommy seemed to arrive at some decision with Mitchell’s foster parents and they started bringing out stuff from the store room and kitchen.

What was going on?

OMG! Mitchell was coming home with us!! Woohoo~! I am going to have a playmate! YES! YES! YES!

Mitchell’s foster papa brought him downstairs to our car and I was quick to leap into the back seat and welcome him to our family’s little red hot rod! I could not stop playing with him!

And that’s how Mitchell came to be part of our little family. Most days now, Daddy will send us over to Granny’s house in Bt Timah where we have a HUGE garden to run round and around in. There’s even a cat for us to disturb. That stupid fat cat Ginger is so slow when it comes to chasing us.

I am happy! Yippee~!

Daddy: To learn more about Mitchell, do read his blog – http://mitchellms.wordpress.com

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This afternoon Daddy and Mommy brought me to Uncle Lundy’s studio for my first doggy studio shoot! They even bought me two new bow-ties to go with my new look! Cool right?

Here’s my “glam-glam” shot which Daddy and Mommy selected to be entered into the ClubPets contest! Vote for me ok?!

My studio shot!

Uncle Lundy even praised me, saying that I am the second dog that he has ever shot who crosses their forepaws together! Hehehe..

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Check out Daddy howling with me!

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Every time Daddy and Mommy come home, I show them my appreciation~!

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This is me, waiting for my dinner to be prepared..

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Daddy came home from work today and found my present for him.. He was so shocked and surprised that he took a picture!! I took extra pains to make sure it was displayed neatly for him you know!


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