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Dinner @ Bark Cafe

After a horrendous first dog-cafe outing to Happy Daze, Daddy and Mommy decided to try another pet cafe called Munchkins Cafe which is very near to our home in Bishan. But upon arriving there (and spending 5 mins to walk there) we found that there was NO SUCH CAFE! Daddy then came up with the brilliant suggestion to go to Bark Cafe at Changi and off we went!

The address to Bark Cafe is: 1000 Up Changi Rd Nth Singapore 507707
The number to call for booking is: 6545-4118

Their opening hours are:
Weekdays – 11am to 12.30am (first order: 12noon, last order: 10.45pm)
Weekends – 11am to 1.30am (first order: 12noon, last order: 10.45pm)
Order timings are for food only. Drinks are served throughout opening hours.

Here’s Daddy’s review:
Ambience: 4.5/5
Nice instrumental jazz with ambient down lighting, and well-ventilated al fresco dining. Makes us feel like we were dining in an exclusive bistro clubhouse and I was not even perspiring! A must-try!
Food: 4.5/5
We had steak, cheese sausages, cheese sticks and their specialty wings. Every dish was superb and done exactly as we wanted. Very well done!
Service: 4.5/5
Impeccable service. Very courteous, attentive and accomodating. Two of the staff even came forward to try to get friendly with Jamie. Thumbs up!
Woof Rating: 4/5
The staff allowed the dogs to be brought in, so long as the owners tended to them with leashes. There wasn’t very much to tether the dog to, and luckily Jamie is not very big, so we lined a chair with thick newspaper and sat him on it, tethering him to the arm of the chair. There is a reasonably large grass patch between the restaurant and the carpark which will be good for dogs to mingle and run about under supervision. No fencing though.
Price: 4/5
Quality, fresh food with a mid-range price tag. Prices range from $9.90 and up for main courses. Not a bad price to pay for good food, good ambience and most of all, with the company of your beloved furkid.

Overall: 86%
A very good experience and definitely will be back again!

Here are the pictures Daddy took:
Bark Cafe Review


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Daddy and Mommy left me alone for 7 hours today and I was super anxious and excited and petrified when I saw Daddy come home at 5pm! I was shivering and pouncing all over him, trying to get his attention for all I was worth!

But Daddy and Mommy were extremely happy to see my good progress in keeping with my paper training. I was high-tide and got no grass patch growing in the house lei.. so no choice, got to let go in the kitchen. Luckily Daddy and Mommy got put loads of newspapers for me, together with the chair I marked on my second day here.

My paper training day

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My first night

My first night in my new home with my new parents was a very new and scary experience for me. Right after Daddy and Mommy adopted me, they went straight to Pet Safari in Eastpoint Mall and spent a bomb on me!

After my first shopping trip with them, they gave me a nice warm shower before setting up a nice warm bed for me using one of Daddy’s old Dunlopillo pillows. It was a real nice first night in Bishan..

My first night in Bishan

Daddy is bringing me for a morning walk now.. see you all soon!

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I’ve been adopted!

As of 22 October 2007, 8.15pm, I have been adopted by my new loving parents of Terrence & Carmelita Lai!

My name is now Jamie “MS” Lai (or Jayme, as Mommy likes to spell my name).

Here’s a picture of me taken by Mommy Carmelita in the arms of my new Daddy Terrence.

Jamie Closeup

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